About Us

At Africent Industries Ltd, we lead the way in agricultural commodities trading and supplies, fueling growth throughout the entire value chain.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our comprehensive range of services that encompass agro processing asset acquisition, investment, and the fostering of thriving agribusinesses. As a distinguished member of the Africent Group Holdings Ltd, we stand as a beacon of quality and innovation in the industry.


Established in 2013 as Oillet Services Ltd, our journey began with a vision to reshape Nigeria’s agricultural landscape. Recognizing the transformative potential of this sector, we underwent a strategic rebranding, becoming Africent Industries Ltd. This evolution marked our transition to a dynamic entity focused on driving progress and prosperity across the agribusiness spectrum.

Our journey through the years has been marked by a dedication to innovation. We constantly push boundaries, leveraging technology, market insights, and strategic partnerships to redefine the possibilities within the agribusiness sector. With a rich history of achievements and a steadfast commitment to staying ahead of the curve, we continue to shape a brighter future for agribusiness in Nigeria and beyond. At Africent Industries Ltd, we don’t just follow industry trends; we shape them. Our mission is to propel agribusiness excellence, elevate the value chain, and cultivate a legacy of growth that echoes throughout generations. Welcome to our world of limitless possibilities and agricultural transformation.


Our driving force lies in nurturing the development of crops and empowering agro-based enterprises to flourish. With profound expertise in agricultural commodities trading, we seamlessly navigate the intricate global market to secure and supply an array of commodities. Additionally, our prowess in agro processing assets acquisition and investment ensures that we actively contribute to the creation of vibrant agribusinesses, enhancing value addition and sustainability.


Africent Industries Ltd takes immense pride in its affiliation with Africent Group of Companies Ltd. This association not only bolsters our industry standing but also exemplifies our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of quality, ethics, and innovation. As a symbol of excellence within the larger framework of the group, we continually strive to surpass expectations and set new benchmarks.