About Us

Livestock Feeds Products – Africent Industries Processes, produce & supplies animal feeds products, such as Palm Kernel Cake (PKC ) , De – Oiled Cake (DOC) , Soya Meal , Cattle and Poultry Feeds Products .

Oil Seeds Processing – Africent Industries Oil Mills Unit , is an Operator of an oilseed processing company . The company specializes in processing soya beans, palm kernel nuts and into unrefined edible oils and seed-based meals.

Edible Oil Refining – The main aim of edible oil refining is to make the oil suitable for human consumption. This involves making the oil flavorless, odorless, change in color, change in the crystal habit, rearrangement of their molecular structure and to make the extracted or mechanically pressed oil suitable as per our requirements. Africent Industries Edible Oil Refinery Unit is set to be completed soon with a daily capacity of 30 tons continuous refining.

Maize Milling Unit – Africent Industries Ltd , Maize Milling Unit , Manufacture and process wide range of maize, Corn Milled Products Such as , Maize Grits, Corn Flaking Grits, Corn/Maize Meal, Maize Flour, Semolina, Maize Bran and Cattle Feeds.