Agricultural Commodities Trading and Supplies


Africent Industries Ltd stands as a cornerstone in the realm of agricultural commodities. With precision and expertise, we facilitate the movement of essential crops from their origins to global markets.

Agricultural Commodities Trading And Supplies

Our commitment to quality and reliability ensures that every transaction is a testament to the highest standards. Through agricultural commodities, we don't just trade produce – we trade the promise of sustenance and growth.
Our role in trading and supplies is one of strategic orchestration. We meticulously connect the dots between farmers and markets, locally and internationally. With an extensive network, we ensure that agricultural goods find their rightful destinations efficiently. Our dedication to seamless supply chains underscores our commitment to empowering economies and fostering trade relationships.

Palm Kernel Oil Extraction

Explore our range of Palm Kernel Extractions designed to meet diverse agricultural needs including Palm Kernel Oil (PKO), Palm Kernel Cake (PKC), De-oiled Cake (DOC)

Livestock Feeds

Tailored nutrition for livestock is crucial. Our high-quality feeds are carefully crafted to meet the specific dietary needs of various animals, ensuring optimal growth, reproduction, and overall well-being.

Maize Milling

Maize milling is a vital process of transforming maize kernels into valuable products, catering to diverse agricultural needs.

Soft Commodities Trading

We Buy, sell, and export cash crops commodities like wheat, soybeans seed, corn, sesame seed, coffee, cocoa bean, and shea nut.