Oillet Century products

Oillet Century Layer Mash 

Reg. No.

Complete Poultry Feed

Mass: 50 kg/ 25kg 

Oillet Century Layer feeds !TM

Feed from point of lay until culling.

Average intake 110g per day, depending on health status and environmental conditions.

This is the final feed stage and ensures a hen produces the optimal amount of eggs in her productive lifecycle of about 52 weeks of production.

High Protein Soya Cake

Packaging Details: 25/50 kgs packed in PP bags or as per 

customer’s requirement.

Type: Soybean Meal cake 

Use: Cattle, Chicken, Fish, Pig

Admixture (%): 1max

Moisture10 – 13%

Protein46 – 50%

Fiber4 – 6 %

Grade: Top Grade Animal Feed

Packaging: bags

Place of Origin: Nigeria, West Africa 

Brand Name: Oillet Century ,TM”

Model Number: 2020/2021

Soybean meal is one of the main products used in animal feed, with soybeans being the most widely used form. It is a high quality food, providing ruminants with digestible energy, directly influencing the performance of the animal.

Soya cake Partially defatted Soy bean that has a higher percentage of protein and is used as an ingredient in specific animal feeds.

We deal with the international markets of Soya Bean Bagasse, through a previous preparation of the entire purchase process, in view of the characteristics requested by our client.

Oillet Century Extruded Full Fat Soya

Oillet Mill Full Fat Soya is a high fat high protein supplement for horses. Source of amino acids key to performance and development.

Ingredients: Extruded Soya Bean Meal

Analytical Constituents: Protein 33.5%, Oil 19.5%, Fibre 5.5%, Ash 5.5%

Oillet Century All Stock Pallets

Oillet Century , Premium feeds All stock & Layers Pellets are in 20kg , 25kg and 50kg respectively.
Oillet Century Feeds All Stock pellets provide a complete feed for free range laying birds.
Traditional quality ingredients are used to make a 3mm pellet.
Calcium is added to provide strong shells, together with all the necessary minerals and vitamins for a healthy bird.
OILLET Century feeds All Stock Pellets are made using traditional quality ingredients. To make pellets the ingredients are carefully mixed in just the right proportions, ground into a meal, steam cooked to improve digestibility and extruded into a 3mm/3.5mm pellet.
The Oillet Century feeds Only uses the best quality wheat in
poultry feeds where it provides energy and protein.
Calcium Carbonate
This is simply a natural ground chalk product which provides
essential calcium for strong eggshells.
Maize Germ Meal
After Maize oil is extracted from maize germ (for use in human foods such as margarine) the remaining meal is a valuable source of protein and energy for use in animal feeds.
Dicalcium Phosphate
Dicalcium phosphate is made from rock phosphate and is a source of the essential mineral phosphorus.
Vitamins and Minerals
The oillet Mill team of poultry nutritionists constantly monitor the raw materials being used and add a vitamin and mineral
supplement to make sure that all the bird’s requirements are met.